Gordon McGregor is someone who is passionate about his life’s work, helping clients and companies reach their full potential. Gordon is creative, intuitive and a forward thinker with an innate ability to ask the right questions. With over 25 years’ experience in the entertainment and event industries, Gordon’s focus is in the wellness and spiritual markets, where he has designed dynamic programming for companies around the world.

Gordon McGregor Live (#GordonLive)

Gordon McGregor is an accomplished host and an interior designer of people’s hearts and their lives. He appreciates life’s simple joys and loves helping his audience recognize them as well. Gordon asks revealing questions in order to foster meaningful dialogue. His intention is to bring insight and joy to everyone who joins the conversation!

McGregor Media

McGregor Media was launched in 2010 by Gordon McGregor. The company provides strategic planning, event development, and delivery, with a focus on wellness and spiritual markets. Gordon has over 25 years experience in the entertainment and event industries with particular expertise in the spiritual and personal development arenas.

Since the launch of the company, Gordon and his team have developed and launched more than 100 events around the world with clients based in the US, Canada, and Australia. Their work has ranged from event audiences of 100 to 5000 participants.

About Gordon McGregor

Gordon McGregor is the founder and president of McGregor Media, a boutique company that specializes in developing and delivering wellness programming and spiritual events.

Gordon has worked extensively with high profile industry leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Weil, Elizabeth Gilbert, Esther Hicks, Don Miguel Ruiz, Mike Dooley, Shawn Achor, Dean Ornish, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Martha Beck, Gabrielle Bernstein, Kris Carr, James Van Praagh, Lynne Twist, Ismael Cala, Michael Beckwith and Jean Houston.

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