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Through interactive dialogue, Gordon invites YOU to share, ask, explore, contemplate, discover, and deepen who you are called to be.

Vision Statement

Gordon McGregor is an accomplished host and an interior designer of people’s hearts and their lives. He appreciates life’s simple joys and loves helping his audience recognize them as well. Gordon asks revealing questions in order to foster meaningful dialogue. His intention is to bring insight and joy to everyone who joins the conversation!



Experience Gordon through his online courses.



Live On Stage – Manhood 2.0: Fact vs. Fiction

  • Our One-Day Live Event to Explore Authentic Manhood and Live YOUR Truth
Online Course by Gordon McGregor

The Artist’s Way

by Julia Cameron

A Course to Discover and Recover Your Creative Self! Experience passion and joy in this powerful, life-changing course, based on the bestselling book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.