How do YOU express LOVE on Valentine’s Day?

I woke to sweet texts from friends sharing their celebration of loving ME! I immediately dropped into Living Love and knowing in our life we have choices and when we honestly choose to live in the purity of LOVE we have an opportunity to let go of the fear that has/is possibly controlling our lives.

How free are you with sharing Love? I have observed how my siblings, who I adore madly, and I have been conditioned to limit our expression of love as a result of our upbringing. Touch and affection were not shown or celebrated in our home. No judgement, just a fact. In my personal and professional life I hug and love on people yet when I am with my siblings we tend to avoid this expression and celebration.

We are taught what we are taught and follow the leader. Our leader, in this case were our parents, showed and shared love the way they did. I have found over the years my path of love is different from that of my parents and have freed my heart to share it more freely and fully.

How do YOU express LOVE? Do you tell, text, write, show love to those in your life? I found myself surprised when people who I consider acquaintances state they “love me”. At first I ask “why” then I stop and say “thank you” as in that moment I accept and honor the gift of someone offering and expressing love.

I can now say I live love! This Valentine’s Day I open all of us to our true North and remind us to freely and openly embrace and Live LOVE!