To Be or Not to Be – what is the question??? I am sitting on the Acela train from Boston to NYC and was stopped in my tracks (figuratively and I guess literally) thinking why is this even a question. What does it mean “To Be”? To be present to our life? To be a witness of others? To Live in the Now? Wow two words leaves us with many answers to think about.

As I travel in time and space “To Be” helps me stop and center. It reminds me that in this very moment we get to simple be in the present moment without feeling the need to be in the driver’s seat going anywhere. How powerful these two words are and how deep we can take the invitation. So where in your life would you like more conscious time to simple Be? Where are you feeling in a fast lane and unable to truly be right here right now?

For me, my daily meditation practice has given me the purest moments of Being! In the 30 minutes I sit, though my mind wonders from time to time, I am experiencing the perfection of Being. I am able to allow my whole self to center and recalibrate to one time, one place, one being.

Now to be honest, when I first began to meditate over 15 years ago it was unstructured and without real consciousness. As I found a mantra based meditation the gifts, rewards, and benefits we knew come from actually meditating began to be evident in my life. To the point where on the days I didn’t meditate inevitably someone on my team would ask “Did you meditate today?” – ouch! It is from these moments and my own observation of how I showed up in life I saw firsthand how powerful this simple practice gave me the answer to the question “To Be or Not to Be”. So I am choosing “To Be”!

For me meditating has been my constant source and reminder of how I can be. What is yours??

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