Write for Life

An Artist’s Way Program

During this Write for Life 7-week adventure with Gordon McGregor, you'll be carefully guided step by step through the creative process.

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Are you ready for help to reach your goals?

Whether your project is a novel, poetry, screenplay, standup, or songwriting—Write for Life is for you!

You will be introduced to new tool and expands on powerful tried and true methods. We will gently guide you through many common creative issues ― from procrastinating and getting started, to dealing with doubt, deadlines, and “crazymakers.”

Learn practical tools to start, pursue, and finish your writing project. Write for Life is an essential book for writers who have completed The Artist’s Way and are looking to continue your creative journey or new writers who are just putting pen to paper.

Get notified of the next course.

Write for Life, An Artist’s Way Program

Gordon, what will I experience?

During the 7-weeks you will…

Morning Pages

The power of daily journaling.

Artist Dates

A time-out weekly to explore anything creative.

Walks of Awareness

A chance to connect with nature.


Identify a writing project and begin to write daily.

Interactive Groups

Highly interactive live online small group format.

1-on-1 Support

Individual support for your creative challenges and dreams.

Experience deep sharing in a friendly environment for insight, transformation, and breakthrough.

Course Overview

Week 1: Dive In

We will explore the foundation of the course and the weekly practices. Get to meet the group of likeminded people joining our journey. Set you up for success to dive deep into the creative tools for every writer.

Week 2: Prime the Pump

This week you will be asked to tune into the foundations of writing and how to incorporate it into your daily life. You will explore writing as a spiritual path and action steps to support your practice.

Week 3: Begin Where YOU Are

This week you will build upon the practice and start to witness the choices you make in each moment. When we become an observer of our choices, it becomes easier for us to be aware and write with our inner voice.

Week 4: Trust Your Process

This week you will add another layer of tools to help you commit to have more energy and discipline for creativity, personal growth, and healing.

Week 5: Resist Your Resistance

This week you will push through any resistance and continue forward in the way that matters the most: making progress on your writing project.

Week 6: Dismantle Your Perfectionist

This week you will recover a sense of connection and examine perfectionism and thinking ideas up vs. getting your ideas down on paper.

Week 7: Celebrate Your Achievement

In the final week you will increase compassion, wisdom, and playfulness as evidence that your writing is flowing and you will share in a safe container with others.

Get to know Gordon

Gordon McGregor has been teaching Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way for 20+ years to groups all over the US.

He has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment and event industries specializing in the spiritual and personal development arenas. Gordon is the founder of McGregor Media and Personality Coaching™.

He has worked with high profile celebrity clients including Sarah Jessica Parker and Deepak Chopra and sought after by CEOs and leading entrepreneurs from around the world.

Known and highly regarded for helping speakers and companies to increase their image, brand, and net worth, Gordon offers training in the areas of Personality Development, Speaker Coaching and Branding. His scope extends to work creating, producing, and presenting workshops and seminars all over North America. 

McGregor Media’s mission is simple – plan, develop and execute outstanding wellness/spiritual programming and presentations for our clients and their audiences so they leave feeling uplifted and inspired!

Gordon joyfully calls Laguna Beach home, where he is active in the yoga community and is an avid Indoor Cyclist.

Write for Life, An Artist’s Way Program

Are YOU yearning for more creativity, joy, and fulfillment?

Dive deeper and gain greater insight into YOU and your writing

Write for Life

A 7-Week Journey with Gordon McGregor


One month or two-month payment plans available. Price in USD.


7 90-Minute Group Classes

We meet once a week for 7 weeks for this live online, interactive 90-minute class facilitated by Gordon.

Every Wednesday beginning April 5th on Zoom

From 4:00 – 5:30 PT / 7:00 – 8:30 ET (recorded for you to replay anytime)

Access Creatives from Around the World

You gain access to creative people from around the country to connect with and be inspired by

Show Up!

Your one commitment is to show up every week!
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