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To Be or Not to Be – What is the Question??

To Be or Not to Be – what is the question??? I am sitting on the Acela train from Boston to NYC and was stopped in my tracks (figuratively and I guess literally) thinking why is this even a question. What does it mean “To Be”? To be present to our life? To be a witness of others? To Live in the Now? Wow two words leaves us with many answers to think about.

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Live LOVE – Valentine’s Day

How do YOU express LOVE? Do you tell, text, write, show love to those in your life? I found myself surprised when people who I consider acquaintances state they “love me”. At first I ask “why” then I stop and say “thank you” as in that moment I accept and honor the gift of someone offering and expressing love.

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HB2U – Happy Birthday to You

As humans, our greatest need is to be seen, accepted and validated. And in this sweet moment, we witnessed the man, sitting at the end of the table, experience just that when the waiter and a few staff walked out with a piece of cake with a candle and began singing “Happy Birthday”. His fellow friends encouraged the entire restaurant to join them in singing and before you knew it the entire patio of 50+ had joined them briefly in a unified moment of pure joy and celebration. You could see and feel a gift of LOVE being delivered into this man’s heart.

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